ONE BRAVER THING by Cyril Harris


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It is hard to divorce one's personal interest in a background and a subject from appraisal of a book for a public with no comparable reason for such interest. I know and love the vary section of Nova Scotia which here comes into being in its earliest days -- the Annapolis Basin, Bear River, Clementsport, etc. I was absorbed in the story of the early struggle of the American Loyalists to obtain a foothold in a country that -- from a distance held out a helping hand, and on closer acquaintance, proved grim, unfriendly, torn by dissensions, suspicion and crookedness. It is a vigorous tale, of Loyalists, gently reared, buffeted by the storm of Revolution, cheated of their rights, thrust forth to start again in a new country, and finding there frontier conditions at their worst. Against this is told a double romance, of Nat and Anne, Giles and Debby, thinly spun, with characterizations more or less routine. But I liked it.

Pub Date: Aug. 31st, 1942
Publisher: Scribner