KAGAWA OF JAPAN by Cyril J. Davey


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Originally reported in the Non-fiction section, 3/15/61. Now from another point of view it appears here: Not only the Christian Church, but those everywhere in the world who respect and admire selfless consecration and devotion have long known of the work of Kagawa of Japan. But not as much has been known about the man himself and his background, nor indeed have many realized how great and many were his accomplishments despite severe physical handicaps, including bad eyesight and diseased lungs. By the time of his death in 1860 he had been a mighty force in Japan in bringing about care for the aged, help for the poor, more schools for children, slum clearance, better government, higher wages, better working conditions, a stronger economy and agricultural reform. He was also poet and novelist. Dr. Cyril J. Davey, British playwright, author and Methodist minister, has written of all this vividly and warmly. Readers of all Christian Churches, or of none, will find this sympathetic biography of the magnetic Kagawa a gripping story which strengthens one's own faith in the tremendous potential in a human life completely surrendered to God.

ISBN: 0548452725
Publisher: Abingdon Press