POSTWAR POLISH POETRY: An Anthology by Czeslaw- Ed. Milosz


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Each of the poets in this collection is introduced by a brief biography and by criticism which seems more hopeful than factual. But, as Mr. Milosz says, the best poets are untranslatable and translation (from the Polish language and state of mind) is difficult at best. Many of these poets have excellent credentials and belong to groups of various sorts in Poland. Some are mystic, or militant, or avant garde in ways that resist sea change to the western world since they represent cults or stances which are unfamiliar, and their cryptic remarks refer to or include unfamiliar experience. There are, however, perhaps six or seven poets who speak a more universal language and they are fine, full of humor, feeling and poetic evocation. The rest are worth reading if chiefly as testament to the remarkable survival value of poetry under adverse circumstances.

Pub Date: March 26th, 1965
Publisher: Doubleday