FOUR FAVORITES by D. B. Wyndham Lewis


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These four sketches, having in common the fundamentals and vicissitudes of careerism, represent a selective, perceptive, psychological type of biographical essay. The French Madame de Pompadour, English Melbourne, Spanish Dogoy, Russian Potemkin --all have for background the 18th century and all, save Melbourne, came up from nowhere and, in the ascendant, wielded their power respectively over Louis XV, Victoria, Carlos IV and Catherine the Great. Here are the parallels and differences of the four, their importance in national and international affairs, their dependence on their patrons' favor, and their means of retaining their position of ""favorite"", their downfall -- these are traced with necessary historical settings, and the details of period, costume, character, physical and mental attributes are conscientiously filled in. A personal interpretation which has charm of writing and stimulating ideas, and which will be of interest to the discerning audience for literary biography.

Publisher: Longmans, Green