THE TALL STRANGER by D. E. Stevenson


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Purveyor of pretty romances for years. This time the scenery of Scotland shares its place with London and the Cotswolds for the story of Barbie France whose work as a decorator is not enough to make her want to live when a virus lands her in a hospital. Her roommate's responsibility sends Barbie back to Underwoods where Aunt Amalie and her capable companion Penney get Barbie interested in life again. Then there is Commander Buckland for another spark but he turns up rather a jilt; Barbie gets engaged to Amalie's step-son but, learning of his lies, turns him down; returned to work she takes on the decorating of Oddam Castle in Scotland -- and there is Buckland, brother of the woman for whom she is working. It takes quite a few incidents to bring them together so that misunderstandings can be cleared up but, with its share of do- goodings, the sound of wedding bells is quite clear at the end. Placidly pure, and nice.

Pub Date: Oct. 21st, 1957
Publisher: Rinehart