MUSIC IN THE HILLS by D. E. Stevenson


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A sequel to, but independent of, Vittoria Cottage (1949), this continues with some of the characters of that novel and is laid in the Scottish border country. Mamie and Jock Johnstone hire a new shepherd, Reid, and their nephew, James Dering, back from the war in Malaya, comes to stay with them. James is recovering from his mother's second marriage, and also from Rhoda who loves art more than him and the peace of Murdeth is soon on him. He has trouble with worldly Holly and finds he is responsible for her younger sister, Eleanor; there is trouble with sheep stealing and Reid's name is coming into bad odor; Mamie proves a restful Mrs. -Fixit. Reid's innocence is established, the thieves caught, James advised of his future and inheritance -- and Rhoda returned to him. A pleasant, relaxing type of story by a practiced hand.

Publisher: Rinehart