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by D-L Nelson

Pub Date: March 19th, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-4328-2815-8
Publisher: Five Star

A small island off the coast of Germany provides the picturesque setting for some nasty murders.

Annie Young makes a comfortable living as a multilingual tech writer, but her preference is historical research and translation. American-born but raised in several European countries, she’s engaged to a French police officer who’s none too happy with her penchant for getting involved in murder(Murder in Paris, 2013, etc.). Annie’s current job doing translations for a small museum on the island of Insel Poel is rudely interrupted when she finds the dead bodies of two Asian women on the beach. The ambitious local police officer is not interested in Annie’s opinions about his unidentified corpses, and her fiance warns her to stay out of it. In between finding bodies, she gets involved in the problems of one of the museum workers whose teen daughter, Greta, hates her stepfather, leading Annie to suspect the possibility of abuse. When Greta runs away, Annie helps find her. Trouble continues to come her way as she pokes into the murder investigation.

The fifth in this capable series includes alternating World War II subplots about a half-Jewish woman and an RAF pilot with a connection to Insel Poel. Although the main mystery is wrapped up, readers are left to wonder whether those other stories will continue in the next installment.