JESUS MANIFEST by D. Merejkowski
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This book is impossible to review! You cannot capture the genius of Merejkowski, nor the personality of the Galilean and it is these two who make this what it is. It is not light reading, nor is it a book to sell on ""snob appeal"", as many of the ""Leonardo"" readers will not be able to sail through this book on its beauty of language and imagery. The material is the same as the gospels and many lives of Christ have been used, but the presentation is utterly different, there is no monotony, one moment we are rejoicing with Jesus and His friends completely forgetful of ourselves, the next moment we are carried to the heights of religious ecstasy and spiritual understanding. Then in a few chapters the scene changes and we find ourselves torn with the tragedy of human denial as we stand in Jesus' place and watch the crowd cry ""Crucify Him"". To read it is a most inspiring experience. Sell it to anyond who can possibly take it in. The Papini market, the Patterson-Smyth market, the Farrar market -- to those who read the best non-fiction and introduce: a new public to this superb stylist, mystic, poet and interpreter of character.

Publisher: Scribner