FLOW OF HORIZONS by D. Owen Stephens


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A story of evolution which will appeal to those with little or no knowledge of biology, geology, anthropology and the rest. Appeals to the emotions more than the mind -- one feels it a personal and racial experience, imaginarily evoking memories, sensations, recollections. One starts as an amoeba, progresses to primitive fish, evolves to land type, first reptile, than four- footed creature, then a monkey, then an ape and finally a primitive man. And next we find man building beautiful cathedrals, studying the heavens, investigating the past, composing great symphonies. Cleverly done -- one accepts it as the possible. Informally written, humorous, poetic at times, in a rather eruptive style. Possibly the Clarence Day audience -- certainly not Carrel!

Publisher: Reynal & Hitchcock