THE LION'S PAW by D. R. Sherman


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Jannie the white hunter hates big cats--one once mauled his face--so he has taken to hunting them with great steel traps. One night a lion is caught but as a young Bushman is about to kill it, the cat seems to beg him to remove the trap. Mutual respect blooms and the boy takes the animal back to his tribe to live with him. Months pass but Jannie still has his eye out for the lion. An outcast dancer from Capetown has attached herself to him and their relationship (her acceptance of his facial scar and psychic wound) parallels that of the boy and the lion. When the Bushman tribe is dying of hunger and thirst, Jannie gets another chance at his prey, but the boy and his lion escape for the moment. At the last the boy kills the wounded animal himself out of love, and the boy's act helps the white hunter on his own recovery. It's the cat's show.

Pub Date: July 18th, 1975
Publisher: Doubleday