BLACK AND WHITE by Dahlov- Illus. Ipcar


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Dahlov Ipcar, author of Deep Sea Farm (1961, p. o, J-0), in rhythmic rhymes lightly explores the dreams of two playful friends -- a black dog and a white dog. The black dog dreams in black and white, but mainly black as he sees the dark creatures of the jungle and the black sky. The white dog envisions things in black and white, but mainly white as he peers into the icy Arctic. But when the dogs awaken, they are reunited again, run at the same speed, and tell each other their black and white dreams. The emphasis in the vividly colored illustrations is on design and grace; a few are on the busy side; others are flat -- design for design's sake. Implication of theme? -- seemingly a pure exercise in color and balance, though some will infer more.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1963
Publisher: Knopf