THE CAT AT NIGHT by Dahlov Ipcar


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What the prowling cat sees at night (no different from day to his eyes) gives children something to search for and guess at until they turn the deep blue, black-shadowed page. . . and see the night looking like day, just as it does to the cat. The silhouette of roosting hens against a mesh window is the hardest to spot, the truck and tractor outlined against the starry sky perhaps the easiest--but how still, almost arrested, they look. There's this too, at beginning and end: that the farmer and his wife are oblivious of the life going on while they sleep. What starts as a clever gimmick to encourage participation and a striking way to design a book becomes a small, secret joke when the farmer says, ""What a lazy cat. He sleeps all night and he sleeps all day, too!

Pub Date: May 2nd, 1969
ISBN: 1934031232
Publisher: Doubleday