GENERAL FELICE by Dahlov Ipcar


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Two twelve-year-old New York girls, summering on a Connecticut farm, declare full guerrilla war on the mean, dirty, destructive caretaker family, the Hodges. Felice, Celeste's guest at the family farm, has a morbid turn of mind well adapted to wild plans of sabotage; soon the farm is a slum ringing with German curses (Felice's) and bellows of anger (Mad Meg Hodges'). When at last the beleaguered family is routed, all the excitement is over and girls feel let down. Slow to start and ending with a whimper, the story is a loose series of practical jokes; Felice is a character and Celeste has none, the rest are minor stereotypes. Painful low comedy.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1967
Publisher: McGraw-Hill