I KNOW TUNISIA by Dahria Martin


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The limelight has been on Tunis, which gives added interest to this personal record of a 27-year old girl's life in Kairouan some years ago. She and her artist friend, Beatrics, journey from France to Tunisia, try out a hotel which they find thoroughly unsatisfactory, and with the aid of a disqualified guide, Papa Courage, land in the Arab quarter, and fit themselves snugly into native life. Through Kalipha (Papa Courage) they see many things not usually shown tourists, they have rich encounters through his family and their friends. The author stays on when her friend leaves, and learns more of harems, of djinns; she sees pilgrimages to the mosque, has a finger in matchmaking, and climaxes her stay with a visit to the Bedouins on the desert. Here are the manners, the customs, the songs -- the advantages and disadvantages of such a life, warmly described. A nice job of the feel of the place and the friendship of the people. This should make good escape reading for those whose love for travel books of the Days of type has been starved in a season strangely lacking in this field of writing.

Pub Date: Aug. 26th, 1943
Publisher: Ives Washburn