DOUBLE TROUBLE by Dale- as told to Kramer
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An irrepressible autobiography of an irrepressible pair- the twenty-five year old Jones twins- Charles and Bugene, the wonder boys of on-the-spot television reporting who are making the news- and a national reputation as well- on the Korean battlefront. From the time when they built a fireplace in the nursery, and burnt it to see if it would work, these boys showed a singleness of purpose which was re-inforced by their corporate identity. Sons of a newspaperman, whose career was also to be theirs, they left school at fifteen to devote themselves to photography- after notifying the principal- in their mother's handwriting- that they had polio. They spent most of their time in the ""Lower Depths"", a depressed area in Washington, D.C., and their headquarters was a local bar where the fire department notified them in the event of a fire, whose paternalistic proprietor took them off chocolate cake when they got out of hand. Their interviews with the great; the tandem romance with Natalie, now Mrs. Eugene Jones; and their scapegrace, rise and shine career makes up a record of infinite exuberance which everyone can enjoy.

Pub Date: Nov. 19th, 1952
Publisher: Little, Brown