LOVING SEX FOR BOTH SEXES: Straight Talk for Teenagers by Dale Carlson

LOVING SEX FOR BOTH SEXES: Straight Talk for Teenagers

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Carlson is ""personally in favor of"" the current flux and sexual freedom, but assures readers that ""chastity is a perfectly good and rational choice"" and girls should feel free to say no if that's how they feel. She differs from Kaplan (in YA non-fiction) in her insistence that ""there is nothing unusual or wrong or peculiar or abnormal about homosexuals""--and from most sex advice books in her determinedly informal usage (at its worst in the single-word ""lovingsex""). She tosses in the usual facts (on birth control, VD, etc.) but emphasizes feelings and relationships (though she considers ""relationships"" a ""really terrible word""); and she profiles some hypothetical couples to illustrate how their self-centered needs interact and what they want, get, and won't get from each other. The message is that teenage love is largely a matter of interdependent myths and that ""the way people [grow up to real love] is by satisfying their own inner myth-needs themselves and then just loving someone else the way he or she is."" Sensible enough, if such sense can be passed down.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1979
Publisher: Watts