MANNERS THAT MATTER: For People Under 21 by Dale & Dan Fitzgibbon Carlson

MANNERS THAT MATTER: For People Under 21

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Be on time for a date. When inviting someone out, be clear about who is paying. When taking a girl home, escort her to her door. It's always better to say no than to say yes and go through with something ungraciously. It is considered rude and unkind to stop and greet others but fail to introduce those accompanying you. As a houseguest, observe the daily routine and try to pitch in with small chores. When the conversation drags, ask a question that will require a bit of a response. In addition to such reasonable if commonplace advice, the authors provide the uncertain with specific rules and tips on who is introduced to whom (man to woman, young to old, less to more ""socially prominent""), who follows whom to a restaurant table, how to eat artichokes or spaghetti, how to answer an invitation, and when you are obliged to send a wedding gift or thank-you note. The rudiments of table manners and table settings are set down (but what is the napkin doing on the right?), and suitable clothing is discussed in generalities. Sketchy, obvious, generally sensible, and probably attuned to the market.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1983
Publisher: Dutton