IS SOMETHING UP THERE? The Story of Flying Saucers by Dale White

IS SOMETHING UP THERE? The Story of Flying Saucers

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A good introduction for the young saucer-eyed set. The author has carefully chosen the better examples from the adult books on this subject and supplies a short history of sightings and the major contemporary incidents; Exeter; Kenneth Arnold (who originated the term ""flying saucer"") and his 1947 look at nine strange objects (and subsequent ridicule); and numerous other substantiated reports from scientists, pilots, etc. He also presents a recap of investigations from the early Aerospace Technical Intelligence Center to the Air Force ""Project Bluebook"" to the recently subsidized examination center at the University of Colorado along with NICAP (civilian) techniques and materials. Then there are examples of deliberate fraud and cases where the UFO has become identified as in the death of Captain Mantell who disappeared while chasing an object later discovered to be a weather balloon. But most interesting are the alleged run-ins with unidentified creatures--the Kelly-Hopkinson Affair, the Sutton sighting, the contact with the New Guinea mission school. Later information includes the UFO that followed an experimental Polaris missile so closely that the automatic tracking radar locked onto the UFO by mistake. And there are the unusual astronaut reports. Heaven sent for the nine to elevens.

Pub Date: Aug. 16th, 1968
Publisher: Doubleday