EARTHBOUND by Dalton S. Reymond
Kirkus Star


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A story of a man's love for his land, and the never-ending fight against the ravages of the Mississippi, as Eric Baxter holds to his plantation through a feud with his brother, a bad marriage, and the threat of destructive revenge. Through their father's will, Eric and Thomas are estranged, and the latter attempts to sabotage Eric's work for flood control, and his efforts to protect his property. Eric plays into Thomas' hands when he marries Linda Basoom, from the shanty boats, selfishly determined to use her marriage to forward her own ends. For a time Eric keeps her well in hand. It is the coming of a devastating flood that shows Linda what a hypocrite Thomas is and sends her to her death to warn Eric. Louisiana and the old French families of the late 1800's provide a more interesting background than the story itself contributes.

Pub Date: Jan. 15th, 1947
Publisher: Ziff-Davis