ORBIT 18 by Damon--Ed. Knight


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One of Knight's gentler Orbits, immortalized by Gary Cohn's introduction of Moopsball, a new and utterly demented contact sport involving some 300 people and a grapefruit-sized spheroid. Other good bets among this baker's dozen: Raylyn Moore (the tiny step from interchangeable parts to interchangeable people), Felix C. Gotschalk (with the help of a little judicious incest, the Barton family slogs gallantly through the energy crisis of 1986), Kate Wilhelm (a weekend wilderness-survival marathon is the brutalizing opiate of a hypnotized TV audience). The grimmest and one of the best of the bunch: R. A. Lafferty's deft and nasty ""The Hand With One Hundred Fingers,"" a fantasy of mass thought-control. A strong, reasonably balanced collection if less adventurous than some past Orbits.

Pub Date: June 9th, 1976
Publisher: Harper & Row