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The case against the New Deal financial program and performance skillfully marshalled and presented, with challenge to the citizen to make his protest now, to organize to elect properly prepared and instructed men to Congress, to put on record the demand that a sound fiscal policy involves both debt reduction and tax reduction. Sooner or later we all learn the painful fact that figures can lie- which makes us take any such program as this, with cogent arguments all on one side, but none the less credible, with some grains of salt. However, he achieves his purpose. He gives us scarehead percentages and figures and facts to prove his points,- that the tax bill in 1946 was twice as much as the basic price of all you eat and wear -- thirty sents in every dollar; that our tax laws are full of deadwood and cry for simplification and clarification and revision, that bureaucracy is topheavy and expensive, that social security and income tax demand revision, setting up on sound fiscal basis. He up the evils of double taxation, of Capital Gains Taxes, of the soak-the-rich peli No charts the breakdown of tax funds- nationally speaking- and the need for weighted the distribution of funds for national defense, foreign relief, home affairs, etc. urges individual acceptance of the possibility that something can be done, and that specifies should be accepted- first, fair payment of income taxes; second, organi for reduction.

Pub Date: Feb. 19th, 1948
Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce