SOMETHING'S THERE by Dan Greenburg


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If skirt-chaser and skeptic Dan Greenburg tells us something's there, who are we mere (or maybe not so ""mere"") mortals to disagree? This is a fascinating and amusing record of his investigation of paranormal activity: talking with dead spirits, faith healing, poltergeists, witch doctors, voodoo, dowsing, plant auras, telepathy, ouija boards--all the things people never believe in until they happen to them. Once Greenburg stopped sneering he even became able to do some low-level stunts like telepathically switching off a TV tube and causing a flicker in a fluorescent bulb by touching it with his hand. Of course it's nothing like Martin Dykshoorn describing a murderer by touching his clothing or Reverend Scudder curing himself of supposedly terminal cancer or Olof Jonsson dematerializing a table--but psychics have their own levels of proficiency, like athletes or businessmen. Unfortunately spirits don't necessarily manifest themselves at our command, and Greenburg makes no bones about describing any number of witches' covens and seances where the most unusual event was a sneeze. But probably the best thing about this latest entry in the psychic-book sweepstakes is Greenburg's inimitable self-deprecating style--so much more gemutlich than the words of the learned professors--and probably, to a whole lot of folk, much more believable.

Pub Date: May 7th, 1976
Publisher: Doubleday