ETHAN STRONG: Strike and Fight Back by Dan Halacy

ETHAN STRONG: Strike and Fight Back

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Driving his '54 T-bird, piloting a plane, exercising his "" 'ridiculously' high"" IQ or dodging the ""puckered. . . pink lips"" of Valerie Smith, seventeen-year-old Ethan Strong is, designedly. a junior James Bond. . . circumstantially, a younger John Wayne: girls at a distance, issues muddied. Ethan's supersleuthing, light years ahead of the FBI, is involved with a threat to his father's developmental SST for the executive aircraft field from a scientist who's convinced it will imbalance the atmosphere (a possibility that better minds are investigating). Some of the other characters--especially Ethan's blood-brother double Joe Three Feathers--have reservations about sonic boom but. . . ""you can't fight progress."" Exaggerated though not pointed or consistent enough to be parody, this comes out caricature--or just plain bunk.

Pub Date: Aug. 2nd, 1968
Publisher: McGraw-Hill