TROUT FISHING by Dan Holland


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There have been several books on trout fishing this year, but this qualifies as perhaps the most thorough coverage on the specific subject indicated in the title. For comparison however, check reports on titles as follows:- Claflin's delightful and anecdotal Blazed Trail for Anglers (Knopf) -- see P. 202; Hutton's rather advanced Trout and Salmon Fishing (Atlantic Monthly Press)- see P. 262; and Carhart's more general book- and an excellent one- Fresh Water Fishing (Barnes)- see P. 264. There's a not-so-good book for boys which can be by-passed, and this book, Trout Fishing, recommended in its stead, as well as the Carhart. Dan Holland comes rightfully by his knowledge and skill, through his father, Ray Holland. In this carefully executed book, he has told everything about trout fishing that it seems to me one needs to know. It is a less personal book than many that make, perhaps, better reading. But the facts are here:-data about kinds of trout, their life cycle, habits, senses, food; the best tackle to use, types of files, how to cast. He discusses various kinds of fishing- according to the fly, the bait, the spinner. According to the water, whether lake, stream or sea. According to the weather and the time of day. And a final section deals with conservation and the angler's responsibility.

Pub Date: Aug. 15th, 1949
ISBN: 1445511703
Publisher: Crowell