Z WARNING by Dan & Lonn Hoklin Oran


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Five guerrilla terrorists using fancy hardware attack an armored truck and its backup cars to relieve the truck of 80 pounds of plutonium oxide--enough to make two healthy A-bombs and possibly three. The hijackers include a psychotic rich boy, a female Japanese physicist suffering delusions, the lady secretary to an alcoholic senator who heads the Senate Energy Committee, and two unstable lesser cohorts. Their objective: to threaten the President and Congress with the annihilation of Washington, D.C., so that the alky senator can be made absolute ruler of the country. Yes, it's all as dumb as it sounds--with a bland hero trying to track down the culprits and joining forces with the evil Senator's unsuspecting daughter. And the do-it-yourself bomb routine is by now beyond clich‚. However, there is that idiotically zippy moment when the Japanese physicist goes batty and vaporizes Chesapeake Bay. . . .

Pub Date: April 1st, 1979
Publisher: Ballantine