OPENING DOORS: What Happens in Gestalt Therapy by Dan Rosenblatt

OPENING DOORS: What Happens in Gestalt Therapy

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After many long years in orthodox psychoanalysis, Rosenblatt encountered Laura Perls, wife of showman Fritz and one of the founders along with Paul Goodman of Gestalt Therapy. Here, in the most ingratiating, dulcet tones, he describes his own practice, He addresses the reader directly and virtually invites you into his office to explain the therapeutic relationship. Gestalt people think ""in much smaller pieces of behavior"" than orthodox analysis and Rosenblatt seems to spend a great deal of his 50-minute hour simply soothing and comforting his patients. His groups do not employ the theatrical ""hot seat"" that Fritz made so much of; and although Rosenblatt doesn't mind if his patients sleep with each other, he prefers, unlike Fritz, not to engage in that kind of doctor-play. (You can sit on his lap and be stroked, however.) He encourages his groups to ""flow"" as volunteers take turns ""working"" to achieve catharsis. Much petting, fighting, weeping and many emotional conflagrations transpire. Rosenblatt is frank and forthright about what he has to offer. If you're shopping around, you might check him out--if only to learn what you don't want in a therapist.

Pub Date: Nov. 19th, 1975
ISBN: 0939266334
Publisher: Harper & Row