FLORINDA by Dana Broccoli


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For all of us who've been losing sleep wondering how the Moors were able to conquer Spain in the 8th century and stay for 700 years--here's the answer. Seems there was this beautiful young chick Florinda in Toledo--she was the daughter of King Rodrigo's governor in Africa, see, and she was in love with this Moslem guy, see, and when he snuck into the palace to see her, he was drawn and quartered as a spy. So she swore revenge and got her dad to think Rodrigo had raped her, so he'd turn traitor and invade Toledo. And then she was dumb enough to fall for Rodrigo herself. And thereby hangs a tale, not much of one, but made somewhat longer by a festival of ellipses that becomes a veritable homage to La Cartland: ""Her friend. . . the gentleman who had been so kind. . . . He. . . he witnessed this murder. . . he gave his sanction. . . He. . . the thought fell numbly into her well of shock.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1978
Publisher: Two Continents