THE POOL by Dana Burnet
Kirkus Star


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Do you remember The Snow Goose which found itself a place on the best seller list through word-of-mouth publicity? Here is another book with the same sort of chance. It is a story that will give comfort to many who are facing loss; a story of a conviction of life beyond death, set in the period of the invasion of Normandy, and told simply, with muted emotion values, and sincerity and depth of feeling. It is a love story, a romance between a British W A A F and an American boy, homesick for his beloved Maine, and particularly for a pool, where, from childhood, he had been able to find peace. When she takes him to her secret place -- her ""still waters"", they feel that they two, out of all the world, have a bond that nothing can sever... And then death steps in -- and they find their answer.... It is a story that could readily have been maudlin or over-sentimentalized. For many it will recall the essential values that made The Brushwood Boy a minor classic. I sincerely feel that no one could read it unmoved... Here is a little book that you own make a Best a Seller.

Pub Date: July 16th, 1945
Publisher: Knopf