BLACK RENEGADE by Dana Faralla
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A second, satisfying boy-and-horse story is again close to The Magnificent Barb not only in its sincerity, its steady sympathy, and the indigenous quality of the Georgia countryside, but also in the return of Kevin Fitzgerald of the first book. Kevin, of Romany blood, has also many Gaelic generations behind him of grooms, and jockeys and veterinaries -- and his love of horses is both inherited and innate. Black Lightning is the killer stallion whom he tames- and the stallion is fast enough for steeple chasing. But Kevin is never to race him- since he rides him to seek a doctor for the head of the clan- and when he breaks his leg, he must be shot. He leaves behind him a blind old Arabian mare who will bear his colt, and a sadder- and more mature- youngster.... A story which will readily engage your sentiments and an audience of all ages.

Pub Date: April 21st, 1954
Publisher: Lippincott