VILLAGE IN THE SUN by Dane Chandos
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Lineal descendant of Flandrau's Viva Mexico and Diament's The Days of Ofelia, this gives you the Mexican Indio, his village, way of life, on the shores of Lake Chapala south of Guadalajara. There the author lives, tuning in on the wave lengths of the spirit of the place. He rents -- then buys land and builds. He traces the calendar year in almanac transcription of events on the way to accomplishment; the minor and major problems of relations with his household, the village, his visitors; the pattern of patio life; the kitchen comedy; the story of the kitchen helpers, the dogs, the deer, the ducks, the plants; of community fiestas, births, marriages, deaths; of the life of beach and lake; natural phenomena and history; despair and hope about his new land and house; modern and Indio tempo; and final capitulation. This catches the contagion of leisurely atmosphere, and is replete with entertainment and disarming humor.

ISBN: 1406774758
Publisher: Putnam