JOURNEY IN THE SUN by Dane Chandos


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The death of Uncle Edward in Spain sends the author (a pseudonym for Peter Lilley and Anthony Stansfield) from Mexico on a long trip through the country to distribute his bequests to old servants and friends. Not unwillingly the author sets off with cousin Alice, no woman to hold her tongue, and his Mexican servant, Jesus, who revels in all his new experiences, and makes an unhurried, unitineraries tour into odd corners, with unexpected pickups -- and with lively curiosity and warm appreciation of an unknown but, often familiar, country. They miss nothing of the austere, solemn Castilian area, the friendly good company in Galicia, the spare, unwelcoming Estremadura; they bypass into Portugal, they add to their knowledge of bulls and many kinds of bull fighting, they take or leave general sightseeing. And as they locate the beneficiaries of Uncle Edward's will, they have new, completely unanticipated experiences which inform them more intimately about the people. There are many fascinating landscapes and descriptions together with all the personality conflicts of traveling companions and the associative links with Mexico and other places. The whole is thoroughly entertaining travel talk rather than a bluebooking of routes and stopping places on a currently fashionable tourist country.

Pub Date: April 24th, 1952
Publisher: Doubleday