AS MUCH AS TWICE by Dane Yorke


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A mediocre book, with little to recommend it. Only the credulous among readers of light fiction will like it, for the glamour of riches, and the suspense of the story. The tale of a group of people who make up a small town in Maine, and chiefly the story of three Fields who share the same house, -- Old Dan, who has money, no scruples and a thirst for power; Ben, fussy, fat, frightened and pompous; and Madge, who is shallow, beautiful, and married to Ben for his money. There's an undercurrent of current problems and their effect on the town, and a cynical conclusion that the underdog is humbly grateful to the rich man who defrauds him. The logic runs amuck all round. Pass it up.

Pub Date: Feb. 21st, 1935
Publisher: Minton, Balch