NO ONE WALKS WATERS by Daniel Berrigan


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This is Father Berrigan's sixth book of poetry. It contains approximately seventy-five pieces in blank verse, all of them exemplars of that steely verbal discipline and strength of imagery for which the author is celebrated. Berrigan is as anthropocentric in his poetry as he is in his recently highly publicized sense of social justice and moral equity, and most of these poems are intended to, and do, express and elicit that most human of divine virtues, compassion: ""Unless I suffer this, you / gentlest Abel, strike / with a glance, Cain down."" Those familiar with Father Berrigan's poetry will find this collection to be his most technically polished and humanly significant work to date. It is recommended as a remarkable achievement by one of the twentieth century's most sensitive and catholic spirits.

Publisher: Macmillan