FAN DANCE AT COCKROW by Daniel Carson Goodman


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A little modern, a little mad, a little meaningless. Against a Dawn Powell background and set-up (minus the satire and the bite) -- wealthy lechers, young girls, one or two shady opportunists is told the story of Iris Lamar. Iris is a very troubled girl, pursued by Peter, young, class-conscious writer of Freudian short stories, and Dudley Pettengill, many-million. She runs from both -- and loses Peter to an ignorant hat-check girl. Dudley sets her up in a Park Avenue project, and there she meets Peter again. Then comes a game of Puss-in- the Corner, trading wives, affairs, et al, with a bit of shooting on the side. There's competent writing, which doesn't stone for a cheap melodramatic story.

Pub Date: Feb. 25th, 1941
Publisher: Wilfred Funk