MEDITATION: What It Can Do For You by Daniel Cohen

MEDITATION: What It Can Do For You

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Though Cohen touches briefly on different forms of meditation as practiced by various groups from ancient Hindu to Subud and the Hare Krishnas, his interest is overwhelmingly in TM, ""the McDonald's of meditation,"" and he devotes a good deal of space to silly arguments--flabby answers to ""ignorant fears"" that it is a Communist conspiracy, a kind of brainwashing, etc. Whether some meditators can work miracles is another peripheral (if not absurd) question to which he devotes a whole chapter. His conclusion, after more of this sort of incidental investigation, is that the practice can help train us left-brain-oriented Westerners in the use of our right brains, ""but it doesn't provide The Answer."" Though Cohen comes on as more ""objective"" than Terry Lesh (Meditation for Young People, p. 495, J-133), an enthusiastic practitioner, most non-mediators will agree that Lesh's discussion sticks closer to the heart of the matter.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1977
Publisher: Dodd, Mead