GOD'S GRACE AND MAN'S HOPE by Daniel Day Williams


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This book contains lectures delivered under the Rauschenbusch Lectureship Foundation. In content and spirit they are worthy to bear the name of the great exponent of the social gospel, Walter Rauschenbusch. It is a book which should be of interest not only to theologians but to Protestant ministers and thoughtful laymen. The author endeavors to steer a middle course between the liberal and neo-orthodox schools of theology. He recognizes the shallowness of much liberal theology in its emphasis upon progress towards perfection. But he finds the neo-orthodox theology even more unsatisfactory in its unmitigated despair over the state of man. Dr. Williams grounds his hope for mankind in the redemptive power of God which he believes is too often ignored by both schools of thought. The presentation of the author's arguments is made in language that is clear and forceful, making it a very readable book.

Publisher: Harper