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AMERICA IN CRISIS by Daniel- Ed. Aaron



Publisher: Knopf

A series of fourteen lectures delivered by well known professors in their fields, which provided thematic material for an experimental course at Bennington College, Vermont, entitled ""American Response to Crisis"" and ""designed to bring out the role and operation of values in American history"". With the accent on how Americans have behaved in crisis, a few of the titles are indicative of the breadth of material here chosen to relight some of the factors of American history: Jonathan Edwards and the Great Awakening by Perry Miller illustrates the growth of group movements in democracy through the religious revivalists of the 1750's; Louis Hartz's South Carolina versus the United States reiterates the yet extant dialectics of minority versus majority rights as they have come down through the years since the Civil War; our hesitancies and braveries in medicine and science are forcefully outlined in Richard H. Shyrock's The Yellow Fever Epidemics- 179 Meyer Shapiro's The Arm Show exposes the violent antagonism towards modern art in 1913; there is the grip of the fear of flourishing fascism in a country's sick parts in Morris Janowitz's Black on the March The essays juxtapose historical events for advantageous and enlightening comparisons, are thought provoking as to courses for future action. It is always fortunate to find a collection of the writings of such valid historians as these and this in depth and variety is good history and social commentary.