BEAUTY SLEEP by Daniel M. Klein


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More medical thrills from the author of Embryo (1981), Magic Time (1984), etc.--this time about an incorruptible consumer beauty advocate who fails to see the sensational effects of the experimental moisturizer she's testing. No one except beauty-columnist Amy Martin seems to have noticed similarities in the disappearance of several top international models. Isn't it odd that none of the bodies has turned up? Amy alone seems to think so, and everyone--from her analyst to her new ultra-glamorous model friend Aida--advises Amy to drop the subject and get back to her hard-hitting cosmetic investigations. Amy's reputation in the beauty world has been built on her willingness to submit to makeovers by famous beauticians and her unwillingness to accept the advertised claims of cosmetic companies. Her blasting of one worthless claim has brought Amy the enmity of the stunningly handsome endocrinologist David Copeland. But Dr. Copeland's distaste begins to fade as not-quite, beautiful Amy gets to know him better. They have been drawn together by their mutual interest in the doings of La Deuce cosmetics and the company's Catherine Deneuve look-alike boss. How on earth could La Deuce manufacture a beauty cream that really does make one more beautiful, so powerful that even skeletal problems dissolve? Meanwhile, Amy really is getting prettier. . . Slick, smooth nonsense that vanishes without a trace.

Pub Date: July 16th, 1990
Publisher: St. Martin's