MONUMENTS TO GLORY by Daniel M. Madden


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This is a Credo Book and its subject is the architect and engineer Antonio sarluzzi. His life-long work in the restoration of Christian buildings in and around Palestine started before WWI ended. He was an on-the-spot builder/planner who aborred the extremes. His approach to his task was that of the restorer/preserver and he worked with reverence. He was called to the Italian Army from a seminary where he was a candidate for the priesthood. While he never completed his studies, he was a devout Catholic with close ties to the friars in the Holy Land and came from a family with a tradition of career service to the Vatican. (The subject, his career and the emphasis on his piety make this much more of a religion-centered biography than the Credo Book reported next.) His long life (he died in his 70's in 1960) has been carefully covered and a good deal about architecture, its underlying philosophies and methods of building have been included in the short, smoothly written book.

Pub Date: July 13th, 1964
Publisher: awthorn