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PICKLE CREATURE by Daniel M. Pinkwater



Pub Date: March 5th, 1979
Publisher: Four Winds

. . . Or, happiness is a warm pickle. When Conrad's grandmother asks for milk, raisins, and a pickle, he comes back from the supermarket with milk, raisins, and a pet. The creature's tail, poking out from behind a pile of boxes, looks at first like a very large pickle; but in toto the pickle creature ""was also like a dinosaur [clublike tail] and a big dog [ingratiating expression] and a crocodile [the pickleish bumps]."" Conrad stops to feed it raisins on the way home (just the thing to do, his grandmother later confirms), and then as Conrad is gentle with it and gives it milk and a nice warm blanket, the pickle creature settles in comfortably while Conrad and his grandmother enjoy tea and TV. This is incidental Pinkwater for sure, but he does have a genial way with a small joke.