SPAIN'S CIVIL WAR: The Last Great Cause by Daniel S. Davis

SPAIN'S CIVIL WAR: The Last Great Cause

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The most stirring moments of 'The Last Great Cause"" -- the Badajoz massacres, the battle for Madrid, Guernica, Unamuno's rebuke to Franco -- are replayed in a considered journalistic context that encourages us to ponder the decisive roles played by the major foreign powers, for the most part under a cloak of an official ""non-intervention"" policy. Davis has nothing but disdain for the American literary celebrities who flocked to Republican Madrid -- rather a pity since their witness here might have made the war that much more accessible to today's readers. Aside from their regrettable absence, this is a moving and decisive account, partisan in the sense that Davis views the death of the Republic as an historical and human tragedy, but glossing over none of the complexities of Spain's internal agony or the international rivalries for which it became a pawn.

Pub Date: Jan. 3rd, 1975
Page count: 180pp
Publisher: Dutton