CAP'N FATSO by Daniel V. Gallery


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This is another one of Admiral Gallery's goodnatured if rather thickheaded, leathernecked jokes (cf. Stand B-y-y-y To Start Engines) about the activities of an LCU I124 and its crew whose sobriquets determine the course early on: namely Fatso Gioninni (two purple hearts and thirty years of Service), Scuttlebutt, Jughaid, etc. In the middle of the ""Med"" as they say around here, they decide to fool some Roosians by passing themselves off as some kind of electronic spy ship; they also play a chicken game with a Russian destroyer, repel some Egyptians; pay a visit to Tel Aviv, and eventually retrieve an Admiral. . . . . . Possibly for redeployment into paperback where the earlier title have appeared but you may find yourself staring mindlessly at the page instead of looking alive.

Pub Date: Nov. 10th, 1969
Publisher: Norton