OUTLAWS by Danilo Dolci


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Report from Palermo was a profoundly disturbing record of the filth and corruption in urban Palermo. It brought about accusations from the authorities that Dolci was blackening Italy's reputation and that he had included pornographic material. But this did not discourage Dolci. Dedicated to his determination to bring about social reform by pacific means, he launched his campaign in rural western Sicily, specifically in Partinico, Trappeto and Balestrato. He established centers for the children. He collected evidence of the abject poverty which was leading to crime and violence. He shows how conditions of unemployment, starvation, disease are the reasons for the growth of so-called banditry; how in turn the Mafia have used the conditions to their own ends; how authority blinds itself to such things as trawlers operating illegally within the limit reserved for fishermen. He established successive centers ""for studies and initiatives for full employment"", he headed up a voluntary attempt to improve road conditions- and suffered a prison sentence thereby. But public awareness has been roused, steps towards irrigation and full employment are under way. And the publication of this evidence- these notes on conditions- this plea for help may serve further to remedy inhuman conditions.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1961
Publisher: Orion