THE GOLDEN VALLEY by Daoma Winston


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A less than golden fringe gothic which takes place in the New Mexico territory of the 1880's, featuring the matrimonial blooper of the lovely Anitra, daughter of Don Lorenzo, major landowner in the Tres Rois valley. Matthew, the young man whom Anitra passionately loves, is to marry another. Anitra, miserably on the rebound, weds the Texan, Leigh, who, it turns out, does dark deeds by night accompanied by savage dogs. He aims to own the whole valley. Anitra finally catches the drift, but only after her brother Antonio, member of a Penitential Brotherhood, is murdered. It only remains for the Brotherhood to finish off Leigh and the author to do in Matthew's wife. Harmless, but Anitra's basic stupidity makes for an early siesta.

Pub Date: Jan. 22nd, 1975
Publisher: Simon & Schuster