THE QUEEN WAS IN THE KITCHEN by Daphne Alloway McVicker
Kirkus Star


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Debonair, distaff chronicles of the McVicker family and their unpredictable experiences at the hands of their help, suphemistically speaking. Worn down by housework and two children, by budget troubles with a newspaper husband, Sally took to the typewriter, sold a story, and thereby was able to afford a ""Refined White Girl"", which began a succession of trials, errors and fiascos. There was Miss Jones, a musician rather than a Mother's Helper, who reclined by day and kept the children up all night; there was Mrs. Arnold, who seemed wonderful, but turned out to be prematurely released from an asylum; there was Ann, who would have been nice for Tom to pinch; Maida, the waif, who was ousted as Skip gets scarlet fever, Toby gets measles, ally gets pregnant, and Tom gets fired; there was Anita, half a twin and only half there; who surprises them with two children of her own Grace who stole; Jenny, colored girl, and Hannah, solution to household harassment. Varied vicissitudes recaptured with gaiety. Fun and timely.

Publisher: Whittlesey