WIZARD'S COUNTRY by Daphne Rooke


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Another perspective on the African scene (A of F Trees, Ratoons) is set in northern Zululand in the years leading up to war with the English and the events are told by Benge, through an accident as a baby, a hunchback, and a shame to the village. His brother Thunzi desires Cece, daughter of the neighboring Zembeni, and it is through her father's refusal to accede to demands of their ruler that Cece brings sorrow and danger to Benge's family until she is returned to Thunzi Thunzi does his army service, Benge comes under the spell of the witch, becomes a respected stalker and hunter and, after he has trailed Cece and the man who has run off with her, achieves recognition for his manhood. With the opening of trouble with the whites, Benge is with Thunzi in the murderous attacks and desperate slaughters and on to Thunzi's death as a hero. A crowded panel of tribal and clan ways, of the strength of kinship, the power of the diviners and the threats of magic, this has the strong colors of a land and people untouched by white civilization.

Pub Date: May 16th, 1957
ISBN: 1592642055
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin