RUNNER IN THE SUN by D'Arch McNickle


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This story of a period of dissension within a southwest Pueblo Indian tribe before the coming of the white men has a quiet stature and a well reconstructed picture of canyon dwelling life. Salt, a boy of the Turquoise clan, has planted corn in a valley where there is more spring water. But this is a break with tradition that helps the Spider clan stir enmity and gain a foothold of power in the tribe. It is an involved situation, with a close relative of Salt's as one of the villains, but, entrusted with a mission from one of the elders, Salt goes south to Mexico where his meeting with the Aztecs puts him in a position to rescue a princess, Quail, from the kind of sacrifice in which he does not believe. With Quail and with a new kind of Mexican maize, Salt returns to lead his clan out of the canyon to a new freedom. Slow moving at times, this has its moments of color and insight into the kiva-type society of pre-history. A worthy contribution to the series.

Pub Date: Sept. 3rd, 1954
ISBN: 0826309747
Publisher: Winston