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A worthwhile addition to self-help guides for sufferers from cardiovascular disease. This is a comprehensive guide to lifestyle changes that may limit and even reverse damage already done. Whitaker outlines the pervasiveness of heart disease in this country, and underscores the fact that bypass surgery is not the solution. Whitaker instead offers a six-point program, some of which is now scientifically well-supported, some still under investigation. His program aims to 1) reduce the cholesterol level in the blood (both through dietary and pharmocological measures), 2) stop smoking (this is unequivocal), 3) control high blood pressure (through diet, exercise, medication), 4) establish a sound exercise program, 5) provide supplemental oxygen (for those with severe atheroclerosis) and 6) establish a sensible level of vitamin/mineral supplementation. Whitaker goes into detail on each of these, supporting them where possible with research data (anecdotal support abounds), and where it is not, explaining his basis for including them in treatment. Probably the most controversial is vitamin/mineral supplementation, and Whitaker's bottom line is ""(1) don't ascribe super healing qualities to vitamins and minerals, and (2) don't take large doses of single vitamins because they can throw your metabolic system out of balance. But nutritional supplements make as much sense as any other aspect of altering your eating habits if they are used sensibly."" A well-based guide that raises some new possibilities and knows its limits.

Pub Date: June 12th, 1985
Publisher: Warner