MY TRUE LOVE by Darwin L. Teilhet


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Here's a fresh and novel -- and only spottily successful -- approach to the problems of returning servicemen. Alvah had dreamed in his Pacific jungles and fox holes of the home he had left; he had longed for the wife he had married hurriedly just before he left; he had envisioned himself lolling luxuriously in a tub of warm water -- and he had thought he would come home to the peace and quiet of the old home town. He hadn't reckoned with change -- and this is the story of the home he came back to -- a house filled with boarders, a bath tub -- yes -- but pinch-hitting as a bed which he occupied alone; an apricot ranch invaded by the all-pervading new town industry, a cement factory. Acceptance of all this is the price he must pay for the responsibilities that are on his shoulders. He admits defeat, but, a civilian again, he yields to part of his dream, and takes his wife away to the seclusion of the Harvard campus... Teilhet strains for humor in a novel written for entertainment -- no tract this -- but he fails to bring it off. We were not accused.

Pub Date: Nov. 16th, 1945
Publisher: Appleton-Century