JOURNEY TO THE WEST by Darwin L. Teilhet


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Rufus Cobb is blackballed in every advertising agency when his employer loses a big account through Cobb's articles in a liberal magazine. Stranded in Washington, Cobb wanders up and down the West Coast, drifting into one thing and another, love affairs, jobs, promotion work, labor, Communist, Socialist, election activities, betraying his friends and his promises, pretty much a heel, but saved through his love for Sugar, a fine reporter, whose work he tries to belittle, and her rascal of a father. Cobb's book is turned down, but he gets a chance in advertising, which he turns down in favor of the beer factory run by Sugar's father and there finally proves he has got some good stuff in him in breaking a strike, Sugar capitulates. Overlong, over-detailed, but with some nice parts in this story of a likeable, irritating, talkative, boastful, etc., etc., gentleman of fortune.

Publisher: Doubleday, Doran